15 August 2016

What if you want to install with debian/install file all files in specific directory, except several names? This won’t work:

examples/cookbook/(?!dali\.py|ribosome\.pml)*		/usr/share/pymol/examples/cookbook/

The problem is, debian/install supports wildcards, but does not regular expressions. I found this useful hint on this page. It seems that all supported syntax is described (in Perl’s glob documentation page)[http://perldoc.perl.org/File/Glob.html#bsd_glob].

Alas, it seems that I have 2 options - to name all installed files one by one, or to find pattern to mention only those I want to install. I ended up with these lines:

examples/cookbook/[abcdgmps]*.pml		/usr/share/pymol/examples/cookbook/
examples/cookbook/ref_frame.pml		/usr/share/pymol/examples/cookbook/
examples/cookbook/symsph.py		/usr/share/pymol/examples/cookbook/

PyMOL has several directories with example files, some of them are working. I’ve decided to add some of them to /usr/share/pymol, to enable user to call end explore them. I also added fancy coloring to my test script =)

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