I am a small part of universe, bioinformatics newbie, bureaucracy agent, A.Tennysson poetry fan.

And this is just an About page. For my own evil purposes.

In fact, I haven’t decided what to place here yet - this text copies slightly modified description from my previous main page.

You shouldn’t be here, not now!


But if you insist…

This weird thing draws lines obtained from .PDB data in “ATOM” section. To see something simply select local .pdb file. “.pdb” == special bioinformatics file format with protein information (you can find all details here).

You can open some of my hometasks on NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) and MSA (Molecular Sequence Analysis). I made them with the help of markdown, and they look nice - the only reason why they are still here.

These are quite old - you can find something new at Github.