31 May 2016

Hurray! Now I’m an Outreachy program intern in Debian-Med Team!

My internship started with two problems: I’ve got a cold in Genehack-2 and had unexpected troubles with my main task - testing. First problem was quite easy to solve - by staying home.

Second problem… Well, it came out of nothing and was is totally was a problem because of my stubbornness.

When I need to write something which should run on different OS or be sandboxed, I prefer to rely on Vagrant. It runs a virtual machine for me and usually all goes fine. Not this time!

The problem came out suddenly with installation problems when I had to install cme. During bonding stage I didn’t run cme and all seemed to be fine. Ok, then I moved to unstable version of Debian in sources.list, and it didn’t solve nothing! But I spent too much time on trying to tweak debian-jessie box for my needs :(

Moving to VM box with unstable Debian and some additional setup in Vagrant configuration solved all problems. I should do it earlier!

Here are my Vagrant configuration file and bash script with some setup:

I’ll update them if some details come out - hope this configuration files help somebody. I haven’t fixed the Strange-Behaviour-With-SSH-Forwarding yet, probably I’ll fix it next week.

And remember, my invisible reader, stubbornness is your worst enemy!

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