08 July 2016

Today my mentor Andreas Tille wrote me this inspiring letter:

Hi Tanya,

thanks for your very thorough work on all packages you are touching.
I'm really happy that you are doing all the work (even the not so
interesting one) on the packages you are touching.  That's really

Please remember my suggestion to apply for Debian Maintainer.

Kind regards


PS: Feel free to quote me in your outreachy blog.

It’s very-very good and inspiring letter :)

But I’m still working on the same bunch of packages I started to work when I wrote previous post (and left it in _drafts folder for a while - it seemed to be too emotional for that moment).

There are only 2 or 3 packages left, and these two are nastiest ones. I hope I’ll finish them soon.

Upd. If you wonder what packages I worked on, read this post

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