17 February 2017

Since last post many things happened. I spent 1 week in Dolgoprudny, at DeepHack - supercool school & hackathon on deep learning(this year the main theme was reinforcement learning). I should say that I wasn’t very productive enough during hackathon, but it was a good opportunity to kick myself to read about new subject and to do something. And to travel to Moscow, of course!

The good thing is, during this hackathon I finally fixed the nasty bug in metastudent package I stucked with. Hackathon week ended up with another event, which was more for newbies in machine learning like me - DataFest conference. I don’t like big events with lot of people, but there were several ex-coworkers from BIOCAD and we met :) Also my team took 3rd place at hackathon :)

I couldn’t decide if I want to attend another event in Moscow - Future biotech winter school and finally decided not to attend. But I was lucky - the guys from Future Biotech decided to stream lectures from school on Youtube. I spent this week watching these lectures :)

The next event is Biohack - bioinformatics hackathon in St.Petersburg, organized by my former MSc program mentors. I want to come there with my own project - deadline for project ideas is February, 22st. I wanted to start to gather materials this week, but Future Biotech school lectures were very good, I watched Youtube stream and haven’t start to dig through articles yet :) For now I have several ideas, but they are all technical.

I have no concrete plans after this hackathon ends. I don’t know what I will do next. And this is bad, but also totally exciting, in some way :)

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